Saturday, June 16, 2012

European Photo Contest 2012

Hello my darlings!
These days I had a homework: to review all my personal galleries in search of photographs containing landscapes, interesting city views or some other breathtaking snapshots taken in any European country. So imagine how difficult was that! However I managed publishing 5 photos (and probably I will add some) on the European Photo Contest 2012 web page applications, the ones that refresh my memory and bring me pleasant feelings about what I have seen or did.
Generally, the European Photo Contest is a wonderful occasion in watching other shared snapshots and get inspired. Sometimes a photograph can express more words that reading an article.
CaptureFriday. End of the week. French people relaxing in the most extraordinary park of Paris- the Tuilleries Garden. Some of them discuss their weekend plans, others read a book and just a few meditate realizing they actually live in the most romantic city of the world. March 2012.
Capture: Moment captured on Insola Bella, a tiny island part of the Borromeo group in Lake Maggiore. A woman approached a peacock opening its sumptuous immaculate white feathers.
Capture: captured on a boat trip on Lake Constance. Sometimes adventurous tourists do not have the possibility to eat properly in expensive restaurants and choose to eat just a fruit and a sandwich. But this fact does not make their trips less extraordinary. May 2012
Capture: Image captured from the top of the St.Gallen Cathedral. An old lady cycling and being lost on the street. Loneliness is probable as unpredictable as losing your own directions or losing your friends& family at some point in life.
Capture: An old man seems to be in a hurry and passes by an amazing view of the Alps, not even taking a glance at it. Time seems to be a global phenomenon also characteristic for Swiss people.

Or you can find my applications here: photo 1, photo 2, photo 3, photo 4, photo 5

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