Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013. The Year's Review.

Here again, I am writing the review of my 2013. My diary survived the 2013, even if I did not post too often. Daily activities make impossible to show interesting posts and photos. Basically, the routine is not attractive to anyone. Meanwhile, this 2013 passed away soooo quickly. Important events happened this year, this kind of events you have always in your heart. An eminent event full of responsibility and maturity happened to me in this 2013. Afterwards, there was I  getting a new job, this summer. Yeah, you never have too much time to relax.
The other half of the year vanished in the speed of many deadlines, activities, events, work, work and work.
So, reviewing, every year has its charms and every year has its own impact on your personality. This year made me understand some things for myself, grow up and assume risks. The end of the year surprisingly brought me many pleasant surprises, professionally speaking. I only wish next year, my 2014, will be even more fruitful and even much more brilliant.
And you, did you check your 2013 list and did you write your list of expectations for 2014? I did, and this 2014 is promising to be just wonderful.

Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Things to do before/on Christmas

1. Reinvent your Christmas tree. Old or new, think about giving another garment to it by using different colors or hand-made details. Or, create a book Christmas tree, a bottle Christmas tree; you can find plenty of ideas.
2. Finish all your planned activities on your working calendar, otherwise the magic of holidays will be overlaid with work, work, work and you don't want that.
3. Find your downloaded Christmas songs folders and move them on the desktop.
4. Create a hand-made Christmas wreath from natural cinnamon, berries, dried fruits and pine-cones. Put it on the table or hang it on your entrance door.
5. Write your letter to Santa and buy presents!  Think about this in advance and wrap them differently than the previous year. Use name tags.
In case you have time, send Christmas cards to your friends abroad, I am sure they will be surprised.
6. Buy yourself a new knitted sweater Christmas themed for the evenings at home.
7. Fulfill the Christmas stocking with candies and sweets for the little ones coming to your place.
8. Prepare home-made Glühwein with fresh oranges. 
9. Help a child, a family in need or simply a gramma begging on the street.  
10. Have a splendid Christmas near your family and friends.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas mood & inspiration

Sărbătorile de Crăciun se apropie cu pasi rapizi, cît ai clipi din ochi o sa fie curînd şi Revelionul şi apoi o să ne trezim noi, muritorii de rînd, devastaţi sau încîntaţi de ideea unui nou început de an. De fapt, în fiecare an se intîmplă acelaşi lucruri, sărbătorile rămîn aceleaşi. Contează însă schimbările din viaţa ta, locuinţa ta, realizările, eşecurile şi, cel mai important probabil, scopurile pentru noul an. În fond, oamenii dragi noua sunt cei fac sărbătorile de Crăciun memorabile, deosebite şi altfel. 
Aşadar, anume pentru oamenii dragi nouă propun să începem cu decorarea locuinţelor, împodobirea bradului şi pregătirea meniului pentru sărbători. Tot ce inspiră nuante de alb-cald, galben, roşu şi miros de brad îmi trezeşte dorinţa de a meşteri ceva nou pentru Crăciun. Optez însă, pentru un brad artificial, că totuşi numărul brazilor taiaţi anual este usturător de mare. Mai jos gasiţi cîteva linkuri cu inspiraţie şi idei utile pentru decorarea locuinţei.
Eu am colectat cîteva fotografii din arhiva mea personală din anii trecuţi care sa inspire căldura feeriei de Crăciun pentru fiecare din voi!
p.s. Ahh, ce-mi mai place mie mirosul de vin fiert şi gustul de ghimbir!

And now some ideas about what you can DIY for those you love:
Packing tips via casa di Falconi
Interesting arrangements and letter on the door via Our Unexpected Journey
Table arrangement via Isabella Smith 
Christmas wrapping ideas by Findinghomeonline
Via 17 Apart  
  And you, are you ready for Christmas?
If you still lack ideas for wrapping gifts check out the ports made by How to nest for less. They have great cards for packing gifts here, here and here. This one below is my favorite :)