Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I was anxious to see Budapest already for years, but while visiting it, I was thinking about which are my general impressions about it. To be honest, I still did not find a word to describe Budapest. It seemed usual to me, too much usual. Walking around the city was a test on coldness, it was so cold and windy, and my hands were freezing holding the camera, and I was regretting I was dressed up too easy (even if I wasn't!). After a dinner more or less eatable (we had cheese&onion soup, not tasty), we went again in the centre around Danube to see the night Budapest. It seemed much more impressive by night, or it was just that we weren't pressed by time. Anyway, Budapest is the kind of city to fall in love with. I still didn't, but I think it is not the last time me visiting it so it could be a protential my favorite city.

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