Sunday, December 30, 2012

Revieweing the 2012

It is time to make a review of the 2012 year. I have to admit that my 2012 was very spectacular, one of the most successful till now. I have seen so many new places, I have discovered so many secrets of being happy, I have spend a lot of time with my entire family, including my darling Anita. 
365 days of happiness (mostly), 18 flights, 8600 km abroad, 7 countries, more than 12 cities, 15 weeks abroad, 10 exams, 12 new orchids in the house, 1 scholarship, 1 love, 3 new projects, 1 Toefl, 1 blog:), lots of events, parties and fun moments with friends. 
Time to hit up the wish list for 2013 and especially one big wish of mine to come true:) Hope you have already organized your plans for 2013 and let all your dreams come true.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


This time I liked Zurich much more. Maybe because the feerie of winter holidays make it less rigid and more payee. Zurich is an extraordinary place to visit, although my guide told me about how difficult is to survive in such an expensive city. From the railway station I admired the ultra- extraordinary Christmas Swarovski tree, brilliant and breath-taking. Too bad the area was closed because it was still in process of preparing the biggest Christmas market under a covered space.
Go for Zurich!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lucerne and the Mirror Museum

Lucerne is still my love city in Switzerland, but as in love, when eyes don't see each other, the passion dissapears... The famous Lucerne bridge was not the same charming as in April and the lake was too dirty this time. But, I have to admit that the Mirror Museum was a really amazing surprise.
Entering you have the impression you loose the control over reality and the mirror disturbs your feelings and perceptions. The structure of the museum is very simple, but corridors with mirrors all around make you feel unsure whether that is the right way and boom, you suddenly walk into a mirror:) Second thing, you actually expect to be alone in the museum? Noo, there are also lost tourists you see from different angles and perspective realizing you see dozens of projections of only one and the same person. That is so disturbing... and funny in a way.