Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Luzern or “city of light”

Luzern is my perfect destination in Switzerland. It could be a bit too subjective way of describing it after a 3 hours excursion, but it is really the heaven on earth with a kind of medieval air. It is inspiring tourists in desultory walks around the Spreuer Bridge (Spreuer Brücke) and old town, suggestive leisure on a bench and incipient mind clearing with just a glimpse at the snow- capped  Alpine backdrop. For me it was sufficient to see the lake Lucerne in order to fall in love with this city and fall ,in the same time, in a languor or an undesired activity because it is just magic how Lucerne attracts you to meditate and calm your mind & body. It seems that even the swans fund their home town in the summery Lucerne. After feeding some swans and ducks on the shore of the lake, we went to discover the real city monuments. Locals in Lucerne might think their city is a bit too loaded and crowded, but I am almost sure they are proud of what Lucerne can offer to tourists and foreigners. The Lowendenkmal (Lion Monument), the Rathaus (Town Hall) and the Chapel Bridge of Kapellbrucke are the city highlights every tourist is instinctively guided to see.
I think I will not be able to share with you more than I have already written, because it is the kind of city you have to feel your own impressions, the way I felt the serendipity with Lucerne. Some could feel it as a scenic town, others – might like that mystical air Lucerne posses in its history and just a few people would say this city is not magic for them. It is up to your ability to find in every destination you go a denouement of your expectations.
I will remember Lucerne as a talisman and the quintessential of what I generally saw in Switzerland.

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