Monday, April 7, 2014

Barceloneta & La Boqueria impressions

A walk around the Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta is simply a must. Barcelonian people are very lucky. The city has seven kilometres of golden sands, running from the bustling Port Vell to the upscale Port Olímpic and beyond to the Fòrum. I think 9 months /per year people enjoy the sun on the beach, even if the water is not properly warm. I would spend my time in Barceloneta for a run in the mornings or a walk with the bike on weekends, reading a book on the sand, enjoying the sun or even observing how people gather in groups and freely enjoy the time together. On the other hand, I assume Barceloneta is transforming on weekend nights in crazy night life adventures with that number of clubs and pubs on the shore.
I can imagine Barcelona would be an amazing place to live. There is so much to do in the city, and such an inspiring setting. Living in cities that do not have exit to water, you probably appreciate more the sea at the edge of your city. It's like you're being on vacation every single day of the year.

Boqueria is heaven for stomache's desires. I have seen quite many markets in different cities, bur nothing comepares with Boqueria. Apparently there is nothing special, just a market in the heart of the city. But the way fruits and vegetables are arranged, the assortment, the colors- it looks so attractive, even if smells less attractive. Recommended: Try the fresh juices, every color is even better that the other one! We even payed a visit at la Buqueria on evenings after dinner just for these fresh juices. And please, don't go there hungry, prices at la Boqueria are much higher.On Sunday, Boqueria is closed, on weekdays it works till 21:00.

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