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Barcelona- city guide in pictures

Booked well in advance, this trip was planned months and months ago, being worth the effort. I will start by saying that Gaudi has left a trace in Barcelona. Almost all touristic attractions are Gaudi's masterpieces. I recommend reading more about Gaudi before coming to Barcelona because there are many interesting facts to discover. Being prepared is a key to a successful trip.

Gaudi’s Basilica, Sagrada Familia is the most wonderful construction I’ve ever seen. There is a sort of peaceful aura inside the Basilica maybe because of the amount of light running through the colorful mosaic. It is truly a very photogenic building from inside, out of habit for the interiors of Basilicas or Churches. Climbing the tours is also impressive, but not overwhelming. The narrow stairs and limited space at the top of the tours does not offer a free view adown.  

La Pedrera/Casa Mila is my second touristic focus-point in Barcelona. The unusual facade and the round 360 degrees small Patio offers just a segment of what Casa Mila incorporates. Shame the exterior was under wraps at the moment of our visit. Inside the apartment Gaudi planned, does truly not have corners and the interior is old but modern. I would live in a house like that! And the roof is also worth seeing. Generally, all Gaudi's masterpieces have all the same principle and same remarkable elements: doors, handles, windows, chairs, lofts, paving. Apparently, Gaudi was original and innovative at everything.

I already mentioned in the previous post that there are 4 most important museums to visit in Barcelona using the Art ticket- the Museu Nacional D`Art de Catalunya, the Museu D`Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA), Museu Picasso and Fundacio Juan Miro. Museu Antoni Tapiera is also included in the Art ticket, but we did not visit it. Go for this choice, the Art Ticket is somehow a sort of "cultural obligation" once you've paid the cost. 
Spend a mid-day in Park Gaudi, spend a day or more in El Born, El Gotico, El Raval. Lose yourself in those streets with hundreds of shops and bars. El Born was my favorite area, so inspirational. It's like you want to remember all the interesting ideas and you want to see everything. There is also a beautiful Cathedral which you can wonder around in. The beach is also just a 10 minute walk away so you can have both a beach holiday and a city break in one. Plus you are quite close to the Parc Ciutadella which is a relaxing place to sit in the afternoon or rent a boat and have a walk on the small lake. El Born is the cultural part of the city with a vibrant café culture and bar scene.
And finally, do not forget to have a long walk on the Placa d'Espanya and the the Magic Fountain is a free music and light show based around the fountains. For us, the Magic Fountain was a beautiful place to finish our travel. 

Hope these recommendations of the main focus-points in Barcelona will be useful for tourists entering this post; all in one, do not forget to plan your days very precisely on paper and always re-adapt to the situation.
La Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia Tower
Sagrada Familia corridor
Casa Batillo

Casa Mila/La Pedreira
Casa Mila/La Pedreira-el Patio
Inside the Casa Mila
Casa Mila/La Pedreira roof top

On the rooftop  of the Casa Mila people people tend to make Sagrada familia subject of their photographs

Camp Nou

The football match was an incredible experience with such a score- 7:0

With an Art ticket like that you have access to 6 museums in Barcelona. Price: 30 euros
Museu Nacional D`Art de Catalunya


View from Montjuc
Google maps saved us many times even with no wifi connection. Genius !

Park de la Ciutadella
Park de la Ciutadella

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