Saturday, July 6, 2013

Instagraming the Graduation Ball

Graduation is maybe the most remarkable moment in one's life. It is the time that people feel melancholia and relief in the same time. It is the time that people make confessions, express gratitude or remember strange and funny histories while dancing a slow song.  It is the time to realize that you never actually have spoken properly to your colleague that was sitting next to you during classes. It is the time you still feel like a student- free, happy, young and restless.
Yesterday, my University Graduation Ball took place and I must admit it was truly unique, spectacular and impeccable students' party ever! We crossed the fingers to have a nice weather and it could not have been otherwise. The party hall was a chic location with entrance through a pleasant pavilion outside, fully decorated with pig pots of hydrangeas. The interior was fully in white, with orchids decorating the tables and several enormous white lamps. 
All in one, the atmosphere created this event. We had fun, some moments were formal and other moments were extremely funny. I cannot find any drawback of our graduation party, except it was over so quickly. I still cannot realize, we prepared all details for long weeks before, and that day is finished now. Snapshots captured on instagram can reflect those moments (a small part of a million) we, or at least I, will keep in my memory long over after. 

A capture of the wreath of flowers I wore and the red wreath of flowers I created for the Queen of the Ball.
Can't wait for the other photos:) They will be soon.


  1. Indeed your Prom was really beautiful. My mother told me what a great job you did, so thank you for these wonderful pictures, I was really curious... also I hope that you won't mind if we will steal some ideas for our next year prom? :)
    Sincerely, Margineanu junior :D

  2. Elena, thank you, multumesc. I even can help you with more ideas:)) Soon the other professional photos will be published so stay tuned. Thank you to your mother for being present:)

  3. atat de deosebita cu flori...

  4. Frumoase clipe! Asteptam fotografiile profesinale :)