Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Best of 2013. The Year's Review.

Here again, I am writing the review of my 2013. My diary survived the 2013, even if I did not post too often. Daily activities make impossible to show interesting posts and photos. Basically, the routine is not attractive to anyone. Meanwhile, this 2013 passed away soooo quickly. Important events happened this year, this kind of events you have always in your heart. An eminent event full of responsibility and maturity happened to me in this 2013. Afterwards, there was I  getting a new job, this summer. Yeah, you never have too much time to relax.
The other half of the year vanished in the speed of many deadlines, activities, events, work, work and work.
So, reviewing, every year has its charms and every year has its own impact on your personality. This year made me understand some things for myself, grow up and assume risks. The end of the year surprisingly brought me many pleasant surprises, professionally speaking. I only wish next year, my 2014, will be even more fruitful and even much more brilliant.
And you, did you check your 2013 list and did you write your list of expectations for 2014? I did, and this 2014 is promising to be just wonderful.

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