Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Things to do before/on Christmas

1. Reinvent your Christmas tree. Old or new, think about giving another garment to it by using different colors or hand-made details. Or, create a book Christmas tree, a bottle Christmas tree; you can find plenty of ideas.
2. Finish all your planned activities on your working calendar, otherwise the magic of holidays will be overlaid with work, work, work and you don't want that.
3. Find your downloaded Christmas songs folders and move them on the desktop.
4. Create a hand-made Christmas wreath from natural cinnamon, berries, dried fruits and pine-cones. Put it on the table or hang it on your entrance door.
5. Write your letter to Santa and buy presents!  Think about this in advance and wrap them differently than the previous year. Use name tags.
In case you have time, send Christmas cards to your friends abroad, I am sure they will be surprised.
6. Buy yourself a new knitted sweater Christmas themed for the evenings at home.
7. Fulfill the Christmas stocking with candies and sweets for the little ones coming to your place.
8. Prepare home-made Glühwein with fresh oranges. 
9. Help a child, a family in need or simply a gramma begging on the street.  
10. Have a splendid Christmas near your family and friends.

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