Monday, January 28, 2013

Let's go skiing !

Last year when I first was in Austria at a mountain resort, I promised to myself that I will go every year to ski to improve my skills and overcome my fear of speed. This year, the winter vacation was much more shorter, but instead, full of discoveries. Poiana Brasov offers a very good mountain trail for beginners but the pro's are not left behind with a dangerous black line track. We were quite lucky to have a splendid fresh snow and not very lucky to have long and crowded queues everywhere during the weekend. After all, this vacation was perfect! Good food, nice weather, an amazing company, a comfortable hotel, hot sauna and snowy surroundings. What can be better? I cannot wait for the next vacation in the mountains, presumably next year already! 

Unfortunetely, I could not take some more pictures, but it is quite difficult to carry the camera during skiing, and that's a pitty because the landscapes were breathtaking.

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