Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pamukkale- a must see

Pamukkale is a MUST-SEE. They say if you didn't visit Pamukkale, you haven't been in Turkey. 

True or not, Pamukkale is a spectacular place due to its breathtaking panoramas. First time in my life I have seen to much whiteness around. The bizarre calcium cliff bathing pools are the reason of the white surroundings which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. Control regulations require removing your shoes before stepping on the immaculate travertines. This fact did not disturb me at all, because the real charm of the place lies in experiencing these travertines with naked feet. Some people even bathe into the blue water of the travertines. Actually there is also Cleopatra's thermal pool with mineral water. But if you have limited time, I would not recommend going to Cleopatra's pool as you will miss great places around. Don't be fooled into thinking you only need a couple of hours - you're right on top of a whole historic sight to rival any ancient city so take time to wander around it. We started our trip by climbing the hill to the the great Roman amphitheater of Hierapolis which lies just above the travertines. It should not be dismissed from visiting because later on, it becomes impossible to climb the hill in that heat. Afterwards, we visited Cleopatra's pool of course and tasted the mineral water from the source. But we did not bathe into the Cleopatra's pool,  instead- the travertines were our focus point and they were worth seeing! After several hours staying in direct sun, the Garden is a beautiful place to refresh, rest in the shade of pine trees and oleanders and admire the whole view. The Hierapolis Archaeology Museum remained, unfortunately, unvisited by us.
The disadvantage of our trip was that it took us some time to drive by bus and then to walk around under the scorching sun. 4 bottles of water were not enough for us, we got sunburned a little bit.. The place was quite crowded, but on the other hand I do not remember any important monuments in the world which are not crowded by tourists, do you? 

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