Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer vacation recap

Turkey is a country of contrasts, of traditionalism and luxury, history and modernism, of rich culture and deception. 
A vacation in Turkey is either the best you have, either nothing. Meanwhile, a traveler-explorer would feel himself uncomfortable in a country like Turkey because arrangement of excursions or visits seems difficult to organize by own. Travel agencies are at every corner, in every bazaar, near every hotel, offering the "best prices" and extra services, as a special offer especially for the best customer, as you are. The idea is that you pay for both without any special offers. The business is to sell as much as possible, to approach in a dozen the poor tourist and to definitely foolish him, using various sales-oriented strategies (...) 
 To bargain or not to bargain? Neither of them. If you start a conversation by asking the price, you will end up by bargaining and finally, buying useless products of the worse quality ever.
I did not buy anything too much expensive, except an excursion to Pamukkale which included a hammam procedure, as a special offer of course:)) Pamukkale was worth the hours spent in the bus, the unbearable heat and those time- wasteful stops to shops (not included in the program, but which the guide took as obligatory) exhibiting wines, turkish delights, cosmetics, spices, souvenirs made of onyx, for example a tea cup made of onyx for 80 $, as a special offer, of course.
All in one, the vacation target was accomplished. Now I miss the super clean Mediterranean sea, which btw - offered a fish spa for free, as small piranhas were everywhere in the sea waiting to bite you, brrrr. I miss the sunrise at 6:20 in the morning. I miss the delicious and fresh figs. Now I miss my entire vacation...

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