Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday trip to Paris ! Inspiration.

There are some places in this world that are "must-see" in this unique life. Paris is a dream city, challenging and immutable in time. There is no monument you wouldn't like to see for a second time, there is no croissant you wouldn't like to taste and there is no street you wouldn't like to discover... and when it comes the time to see the Tour Eiffel, it simply takes your breath away. In Paris-the capital of the European fashion, the street style is so various that you can turn you neck seeing impressive and sometimes strange outfits. But there are details in Paris that can make you day and develop your artistic views over the world. Even if you take hundreds of photographs every single day and moment, Paris remains unphotographed, undiscovered and unbelievable.

Here are some inspiration-photographs to remind you of Paris or to "lapse into illness" with it if you never saw it.

Usually words come in my mind when I see some places, when I walk down the streets and when I stop for a moment to enjoy a view. The worst thing is that if I do not take notes, these words don't come back anymore. Even if it can sound too typical for a tourist, Paris is the place you want to see again and again,  because nice words accompany you all long your journey. Somewhere between fatigue and desire I managed to go to Trocadero almost every day of my journey, because, I think it is the most attractive place of Paris.I was surprised to know that actually not everyone loves Paris. Some believe it is a dirty city, full of emigrants and expensive prices in restaurants. But is is the only city you can feel a romantic in a romantic place.
Moreover, I cannot understand how come there are people on this world who are not in love with this amazing city.

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