Sunday, December 30, 2012

Revieweing the 2012

It is time to make a review of the 2012 year. I have to admit that my 2012 was very spectacular, one of the most successful till now. I have seen so many new places, I have discovered so many secrets of being happy, I have spend a lot of time with my entire family, including my darling Anita. 
365 days of happiness (mostly), 18 flights, 8600 km abroad, 7 countries, more than 12 cities, 15 weeks abroad, 10 exams, 12 new orchids in the house, 1 scholarship, 1 love, 3 new projects, 1 Toefl, 1 blog:), lots of events, parties and fun moments with friends. 
Time to hit up the wish list for 2013 and especially one big wish of mine to come true:) Hope you have already organized your plans for 2013 and let all your dreams come true.

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