Saturday, May 18, 2013

Prague by day and night

If you ever have the chance to visit Prague, for at least some days, just do it! Prague is amazing. A quick tour of Prague, in a hurry is not enough. I think you will need at least an entire week to properly enjoy Prague. We did it in 2 days:)) I really liked Old Town and Old Town Square, St.Vitus Cathedral, Loretta and the Old Royal Palace (Starý královský palác), Charles Bridge... it seemed to me like a fairy tale full of tourists. Lovers' bridge reminded me of a tiny Venice's street. All in one, Prague is an unforgettable city that has everyone in raptures. With a unique gallery of historic buildings and a charm that permeates from every stone, we went for a cultural highlight at the Black Theatre Image, enjoying a supradimensional and suprarealistic performance (link). However, 1 and a half hour seems pretty much for this show of lights. 
Czech Republic is also a wonderland in terms of beer, but this is something I am going to prove to you later.

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