Saturday, February 1, 2014

The winter vacation memories

Exactly 2 years ago my winter vacation was different than this year's. We had a family trip to Austria for ski. Of course it was a dream vacation even if it was my first experience with skiing. The Kreischberg Lodge, located in St. Georgen ob Murau was the best accommodation possible with sufficient space for 9 people and with only minutes away from the Kreischberg lift station. The "bunny house" completely made of wood was fully equipped with everything necessary, even with many board games hidden in trays and drawers (a fact which we discovered in our last days).
Best memories of that winter? The inauguration of the snow man outside the house. The delight of watching the white snowflakes through the window. The challenge of equilibrium, panic and control on skis. The walks through the wood and all those trees incredibly covered by fresh snow. And those friendly evenings. All these images are still in my head right now.

But it's winter in Chisinau! Time to make new memories!

The house looks modest from outside, but inside it's the most comfy and warm house especially for winter vacation. The view from the window is splendid both by day and night.
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