Thursday, January 1, 2015

Best of 2014. The Year's Review.

I must recognize the horse last year brought me a lot of luck. I was running all the year as a horse and worked a lot, but how many beautiful memories I have in my mind now. At the beggining of the year leaving Winrock opnened new doors- a new job, the amazing trips to Barcelona and Bremen, the Flower Power project, lots of beautiful events, concerts, weddings, moving to Tallinn, the ESD School, the student life, meeting so may new people and finally closing with my ongoing trip to Bangkok and the Indian Ocean was truly a beautiful year to spend. I wouldn't change anything, 2014 was my inspirational year and maybe one of the best. Unfortunately, during 2014, the Read, Dress & Travel became a frogotten platform, but I know 2015 will improve that.

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