Monday, May 7, 2012

The somptuos Zurich

Every time I come back home I need some days to organize my mind after everything I saw and experienced. This is what is happening to me in this very moment. My mind is still somewhere between Switzerland and Austria, after my last day in Vienna. But, I came back with so much inspiration and straight you cannot even imagine. I have so many plans for this summer and so many ideas for this blog and not only...  And also I thought about still leaving this blog in it's testing period, for now.
Back to my amazing thee weeks travel, I have to mention that Switzerland is probably the most clean and expensive country I have ever seen. To be honest I was looking forward quite a long time to see and "feel" on my own skin how is it to live in there. Zurich, Lucerne, St.Gallen were three destinations in Switzerland I visited and I... liked. Well, you have to deal with the conservatism of the Swiss people's life style and the frustrating price scenarios in shops and boutiques. The initial highlights I remarked were the ability of Swiss to keep every old building so sterile, clear and with the same nice facade; the quality of life which is fantastic and the mountains' view all around (wow!).
I really hope, actually I am sure that my holiday experience is not leading me to the wrong conclusions about Switzerland. Enjoy these photographs I took in the somptuos Zurich. Tomorrow I will post a review about Lucerne.

Thank you for reading.

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