Monday, December 3, 2012

Swept under the red carpet

The famous red steet in St.Gallen was something I skipped during the last stay in Switzerland. I was aware of its existence and even noticed for some seconds the red car right after the corner, but I just did not have the time to walk around. Of course now I could not miss the chance. So here are my favorite snapshots, taken on the bright red surfaces together with the hanging UFOS that have transformed a previously bland banking into an art square or simply- a masterpiece. This project was created by Pipilotti Rist and Carlos Martinez. More details below.
"Swept under the carpet". These words could describe the collaboration of an artist (P.R.) with an architect (C.M.). The red polymer carpet marks a big area in the centre of St Gallen, creating "public space". This is the whole idea of the intervention: to animate and recreate urban life. The result is a continuous space, a surface that contains everything, from benches to a car. A daring way to create a public space.

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